Michael Frank

Michael Frank is a commercial photographer with many years of studio and location experience, who decided to leave his sunbathed hometown in Italy to make a new start in his beloved “Swinging London”. After many years of freelance corporate, advertising and portrait work with national and international clients, as well as owner of a rental studio, Michael felt the need to implement and expand his photographic and personal horizons. The move to London and subsequently the attending of various short courses on “Photography, Art and Architecture” at Central St. Martins under the fine lecturing of Diego Ferrari were only the prelude to further academic involvement. In 2009 Michael started the MA course “Photography & Urban Cultures” at Goldsmiths University of London under the supervision of Paul Halliday and Caroline Knowles. As part of his successful dissertation and final visual project he started the project named 23_05_2007. Stretching over 6 cities in different parts of the world, 23_05_2007 is an ongoing visual investigation on the megalopolises’ most feared and cherished product, the crowd. This body of work gives us a unique insight of the everyday “mask” we put on while exposed to the gaze of others.

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